Mining Bitcoin at home?


The real mining of BTC is currently done on specialized computers called ASIC miners. However, these are constantly evolving, and with each new generation, older machines are essentially just becoming expensive miners. It’s possible that with the advent of 5nm technology, the jumps in performance won’t be as high, but I definitely don’t recommend it for […]

Cryptocurrency mining without financial investment

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Cryptocurrency Mining with Web Browser and Apps Principle: In principle, you lend computing power to miners, or lend your time. So you are “buying” someone else’s computing power. I think that for the vast majority of you buying computing power directly is not relevant, and if it is, you will look elsewhere for information. So for our […]

Cryptocurrency Dictionary


Bitcoin or bitcoin Bitcoin is an entire blockchain network composed of miners and nodes, bitcoin is the currency unit or coin itself. Satoschi A single satoshi is actually the smallest part into which a bitcoin can be divided. It is one hundred millionth of a bitcoin. So if a bitcoin is worth one million crowns, it’s […]

What are transaction fees for moving cryptocurrencies


What are transaction fees for moving cryptocurrenciesAnd why should I actually pay for something that my credit card and bank gives me for free. No way. While you don’t usually pay the bank and the payment system operator directly, the merchant pays it for you and includes it in the price. You are paying for […]

A clear guide to mining Etereum with GPUs


Easiest way to mine via GPU If you have 1-2 graphics cards above 6gb of RAM, I recommend not to worry too much, create an account on, create BTC wallet, download their miner and start mining. In doing so, it’s definitely a good idea to set up your cards optimally. Recommended graphics card settings for mining can be […]

How to save on bitcoin transaction fees


How to save on transaction fees  1.    Only buy each specific cryptocurrency on one exchange The reason is simple, when moving cryptocurrencies you pay per transaction fees, not per volume, so it doesn’t matter how much you transfer. If you shop at multiple places because you end up transferring it to your wallet, you’ll pay the […]

Multiplying and acquiring cryptocurrencies other than by trading

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1. Savings Accounts Savings accounts work similarly to savings accounts in a bank, only with a relatively higher interest rate, which ranges from 4 to 15% depending on the cryptocurrency you choose to deposit and the type of account. The higher the interest, the higher the risk. Accounts have an advantage over other services in that […]

Where and how can cryptocurrencies be mined or bought?


There are several ways to obtain digital currencies. Here I will try to introduce you to some of the easiest methods. Shift rooms A simple way to buy cryptocurrencies is through exchanges. In this case, however, you must already have your own crypto wallet and credit card. You can use our exchange Buying on the […]

Mining Chia coin easily

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Functional and complete guide to Chia coin farming I’m not going to go into the fundamentals of this currency here. In simple terms, this is a new cryptocurrency, operational since May 2021, whose future is still in the stars. However, it is interesting. What makes it interesting? It uses the principle of proof of space and […]

The safest ways to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

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Most of us, including myself, were put off buying Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies years ago by the complexity of buying them. Or to be more specific I thought it was complicated. In principle it was simple then and it is a lot simpler now. So below I describe a few easy ways to buy bitcoin and other […]