How to get bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies completely free

There are many ways to get Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies without much free investment, and I certainly won’t be able to list them all here. So I will try to list those with whom I have personal and good experience. At the same time, I always send referrals under a link. After all, I used and selected all the bonuses myself. So it’s mainly about your dexterity. You can get more than $ 500 for free and safely, which is more than fine.

SwissBorg application (300 – 400 USD)

SwissBorg is a Swiss cryptobourse offering an interesting application, where you will get 250 CHSB tokens in a playful way while completing all tasks. However, the rewards start from 50 CHSB. The price is somewhere between 1.2 – 2 USD, so you can get more than 300 USD for free and without verification. The purpose of the tasks is, of course, to gain your interest in the stock exchange, but the reward for your interest is more than interesting.

Link to the application here: SwissBorg application (mobile only)

Bonus reference code: U2BEORI

Cryptocurrency exchanges with a bonus ($ 10-60)

This largest cryptocurrency exchange offers an entry bonus of $ 10 in Bitcoin after depositing at least $ 100, at the same time you have the opportunity to get another $ 50 in tokens when completing several quizzes. So you can get 60% more than the deposit right from the start.

Bonus link here: Coinbase (25-50 USD)

Another of the exchanges offering an entry bonus, the exchange has the advantage of relatively high-quality security and a pleasant mobile application with simple operation. It offers an entry bonus of 25 – 50 USD on the first deposit of fiat (which is FIAT) money worth 5000 CRO ( token), and has a payment crypto card sent to you. You can withdraw money now. On the other hand, since my deposit, the value of the token has tripled, so I’m gradually transferring them to Bitcoin.

Link for bonus here: (10 – 50 USD)

The second largest cryptocurrency exchange. After registering under the referral, you will receive $ 10 as a welcome bonus and a 10% discount on fees. After completing simple quizzes, you can earn another $ 50. The exchange itself is great for trading various altcoins.

Link for bonus and discount here: 10 – 80 USD

One of the larger exchanges, using the referral below, you will receive $ 10 in BTC after your first deposit. After verifying your account and making a trade, you have the opportunity to earn an additional $ 50. bonus message

Stormgain ($ 3 – Infinity)

The exchange as a promo offers a bonus of 3 USDT for registration under the link below, at the same time it gives you the possibility of virtual mining of bytcoin for free, it is a promotion to lure you to the exchange itself, but you can shoot enough crypt in a few clicks.

Bonus link

Swissborg (3-300 USD)

When you register on the stock exchange and deposit at least 50 EUR, you will receive a virtual scratch card where you will receive a reward. I personally wiped out the lowest amount, but it can be up to $ 300. It is not worth buying Bitcoins on the stock exchange, but definitely selling them. It has the highest prices. Swiss people are simply expensive. But for the EUR 50, it pays off. In addition, you will need to register if you complete the tasks in their Cominity app above and there is already a lot going on.

Link to the bonus here

Savings account:

Cesius Wallet (30 USD)

A very good cryptocurrency that will pay you Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies 4-10% per year. With a deposit of $ 200, you will receive a $ 30 welcome bonus after a month. In addition, Celsius is the only one to offer withdrawals completely free of charge. So if you leave your crypt there after getting the bonus, it’s entirely up to you. Personally, I hold about 20% of my portfolio there.

Bonus link: CelsiusWallet


Brave (0 – infinity)

A very good web browser based on Google Chrome, which rewards you for cryptocurrent BAT for surfing the Internet, and also gives you the opportunity to reward your favorite creators. Personally, it more than suits me. It’s not about getting rich, but on the one hand it’s perfect, for example, in blocking ads and then BAT is not to be thrown away and rewards jump relatively quickly. For lukewarm use approx. 1 BAT per month.

Download link here: Brave

CryptoTab Browser?

Quite an interesting way to “click” rewards in BTC. It works on a similar principle as Brave, it is also very safe and works on Google Chrome, but you earn in BTC a little faster than Brave. Still, I’m not so nice to me.

Download link here CryptoTab Browser

PHT miner

An application for android (downloadable on Google play) that benefits you the cryptocurrency of Phoneum. Just click once a week and it will bring you some change. You can use a referral to get 200 PHTs in the beginning.

Download link

Referal: tw5w48fq